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    The Smart Start Series enriches, fuels, and empowers YOUR self-discovery journey!


    To bring affordable mind, body, and soul education to the masses.


    You see, the deeper that you go personally (WITHIN), the further you go professionally, the better relationships that you can build, and so much more!


    To help you further develop your mind, body, and soul, this series brings you inspirational and motivational personal growth and health and wellness-based content. We're on a mission to help humans create the best version of their lives!


      Purpose of the

      Smart Start Series

    1. Your Host

      Natalie Viglione, CLC, CBC, CPC


      Entrepreneur & Certified Life, Professional & Business Guide

      Natalie Viglione has a 20-year, award-winning background in marketing, sales, and business development. She worked in executive sales and marketing roles in major cities like San Francisco and New York City working her way to Vice President status before 35, then decided to LEAP and created a freelance collective called Team Gu.


      Team Gu offers mid to large companies support with the development of creative content (copywriting and ghostwriting services, graphic design, and video editing), builds purpose-driven business strategies, and helps improve marketing/sales operations through technology.


      After a vivid dream, Natalie recently founded the Disrupt Now Program and Podcast: As a certified life, business, and professional coach, she guides people through self-discovery education and also helps support aspiring and newly turned entrepreneurs in Life + Business Coaching. She helps humans get clear to create a purpose-driven business and learn how to consciously create from within.


      Natalie is often called the “scientist” due to her mad research skills, and the ability for her to bridge spirituality and science. This is imperative for our soul’s evolution. The Smart Start Series is an affordable online platform for personal growth and mind, body, and soul content. The Smart Start Series Collective is meant to allow people to get connected to healers, lightworkers, therapists, etc. that they otherwise may not know about. There are SO many amazing people on this planet with POWERFUL messages that aren’t consistently featured over and over and over again. This is your chance to discover MORE humans that can help you fuel your journey!




      Team Gu

      Disrupt Now Program

    2. Categories of Programs




      Mystery School Series, Science + Spirituality

      Enlightenment, etc.

      Healthy Living

      Nutrition, Movement/Fitness, Nature, etc.

      The Soulful Business

      Soulful Entrepreneur, Leading From The Heart, etc.


      Meditation, Tapping, Peaceful Integration, etc.




      Channeling, Psychic Capabilities, Lightworkers, Starseeds, Astrology, Numerology, etc.

      Your Soul

      Energy & Healing,
      Energy Medicine, Biofeedback, Reiki, etc.

      Your Mind

      The Power of the Mind, De-Stressing the Mind,Neuroscience, etc.

      Your Body
      (Inside & Out)

      Know Your Body Inside & Out, Epigenetics, Genetics, DNA, etc.


      1. Satiating the MIND! You'll receive valuable knowledge from a range of personal growth expertise that's focused on the mind, body, and soul. We cover a full range of topics as noted above.
      2. Nourishing the BODY! Learn how to nourish your body inside and out through our programs wrapped around the Healthy Living and Your Body series.
      3. Expanding the SOUL! Every topic and program provides practical tips that you can integrate into your life every single day. This includes things like meditation, breathing exercises, writing for self-discovery, and more. How amazing would it be to feel LESS stress, anxiety, and learned how to be empowered FOR YOURSELF?


      Want more information? Please email us here, just include your full name, email, phone, and your brief message. We'll return your message within 24-48 hours.

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