Article: An Eye-Opening Look at the Fantastic Healing Codes of Nature

By: Adriane Laws

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. ~ Nikola Tesla

EVERYTHING is in a constant state of vibration. In fact everything IS vibration (including our bodies, our DNA and even our thoughts). And while Newtonian physics makes a distinct delineation between energy and matter, Einstein had a different idea when he made the following statement:

Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.

It's one of my favorite quotes. It reminds us that the vibrational frequencies around us, even though we can't see them, are just as substantial and significant in our experience as the solid objects we can see and feel. Vibrations have a profound effect on our biology! Think about music and the power it has to calm, to motivate, to invigorate and to relax our mind and body.

I have been interested in frequency and vibration since I don't know when. Maybe it was when I learned about Nikola Tesla that I developed a fascination with it all.

I have heard stories about Tibetan monks who were able to levitate huge stones using sound waves, and I'm pretty close to convinced it's how the pyramids were constructed.

In 1923, a man in Florida named Ed Leedskalnin built what has now become known as The Coral Castle. It's been described as a modern megalithic structure (like Stonehenge, The Great Pyramids, etc.). The amazing thing about this construction is that he did it singlehandedly... and it was constructed with huge multi-ton coral rocks, including a 5,000 pound table and a nine-ton door that effortlessly swiveled open and closed with just the touch of a finger. While Leedskalnin was observed using simple machines to construct some parts of the castle, for the most part, he would not allow anyone to observe while he worked. What's more... he constructed it once in Florida City, and later decided he wanted it moved to Homestead, FL, so he transported it two miles and reconstructed it, again singlehandedly! Interestingly, some children reported seeing Leedskalnin levitating the coral boulders, and a truck driver he rented to transport the boulders reported that Leedskalnin asked him to leave for a couple of hours while he loaded them onto the truck and then again after they were transported to the new location. No one helped him load or unload! Leedskalnin made this fantastical claim:

I have discovered the secrets of the pyramids, and have found out how the Egyptians and the ancient builders in Peru, Yucatan and Asia, with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons!

No doubt, he had some secrets!

Do you think it's possible to use sound waves to lift multi-ton objects? If it is, WOW! Imagine the effects even subtle sounds and frequencies could have on our bodies! We know they can break glass and demolish bridges. The Washington State Tacoma Narrows Bridge was completely destroyed in1940 by high speed winds that resonated with the natural frequency of the bridge, causing a wave pattern that got bigger and bigger to develop in the structure of the bridge. It's a dramatic scene if you've ever seen the video!

I hope I've got your gears turning. Now let's delve into an intriguing scientific and mathematical exploration of vibration and frequency. Get ready to play with some numbers!

Cryptophonics and Geometry

Cryptophonics is the practice of encoding data into frequency. It's essentially a system for translating colors, geometric forms, molecular structures, words, etc. into sound waves.

Eric Rankin has made some fascinating discoveries by using cryptophonics to encode the angles of platonic solids into their corresponding sound waves! Here's what he found out...

He started by transposing (in the musical sense) the sum totals of the angles in seven geometric forms into frequency. I'll explain:

Take a triangle. The interior angles in any triangle add up to 180 degrees. For both circles and squares, the sum total of angles (or circumference in the case of the circle, of course) is 360. For a pentagon, the number is 540. A hexagon is 720, a septagon is 900, and an octagon is 1080. When these numbers (180, 360, 540, 720, 900 and 1080) are converted to sound frequencies (measured in Hz, or cycles per second), THE FREQUENCIES, WHEN PLAYED TOGETHER, produce a PERFECT 3-PART MAJOR CHORD in the key of F#.

Another interesting observation here is that all the number sequences have a sum total of 9, i.e., 1+8+0=9, 3+6+0=9, 5+4+0=9, and so on.

Rankin then carried out the same process with the Platonic solids (tetrahedron = 720 Hz = F#, cube = 2160 Hz = high C#, octahedron = 1440 Hz = high F#, and icosahedron = 3600 Hz = high A#). The combination of these four Platonic solids completes another perfect F# major chord; and, once again, all the number sequences add up to 9.

So, when the platonic solids are "played" as frequencies, they produce a PERFECT HARMONIC chord, just like the two-dimensional shapes did.

Nature, as revealed by mathematical patterns, is a force existing in literal harmony with itself. Eric Rankin, Sonic Geometry

All these notes are harmonious on a scale where the A is tuned to 432 Hz. This is a notable number because it also happens to be the number that was used by Pythagorus (and all musicians during his time) to tune instruments. Pythagorus believed that all musical notes were created through mathematics. His tuning method, based on A-432 has come to be known as Pythagorean tuning. It was used universally in musical compositions from the time Pythagorus developed it in the 6th century until the year 1939, when A440 became the international standard. Since that time, virtually all music is produced using this A440 standard, which is based on mathematical ratios.

The Pythagorean tuning method is based on a mathematical grid instead of ratios. The frequency number sequence of every note on this grid produces a sum total of 9 (Using the numerology system of adding multi-digits of a sum together, i.e., 6 + 8 + 4 = 18, and 1 + 8 = 9)! In addition, the frequency increases or decreases by 9 as we ascend or descend the scale. Rankin has called this grid the FACTOR 9 GRID because of these two revelations relating to the number 9. It's also interesting to note that ALL the geometric numbers attributed as frequencies for the Platonic solids are present on this grid, while modern A440 tuning has NO CORRELATION with ANY of these geometric numbers. Hmmmm....

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Grid taken from Sonic Geometry1

Why does this matter?

Platonic solids are the most elemental construction blocks in both man-made and natural forms, so having a musical tuning system based on these forms seems to make sense, at the very least. As Rankin continued his research, he revealed even more compelling relationships and attributes around these numbers. Let's delve deeper...

You may have heard of the Flower of Life. It has appeared in ancient texts and architecture and is considered one of the foremost sacred geometric forms. See the image below.

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As you can see, this formation is created with overlapping circles. When it is broken down into smaller components, we get the seed (or germ) of life, shown below.

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Using the cryptophonic conversion system, the six circles in the seed of life produce a frequency of 2160 Hz. As you will soon discover, this is an important number indeed!


For starters, when the zero is removed, we get the number 216, which is exactly half of 432, the keynote of the Pythagorean tuning system.

Here's where it starts to get really interesting!

The Mayan civilization possessed a wealth of knowledge about the cosmos that has baffled historians. It's perplexing how they knew some of the things they knew. One bit of information they were aware of is that our planet wobbles on its axis. It's called the precession of the equinox. Imagine if you poked two holes in a ping-pong ball about the size of the diameter of a pencil, one on each end. Now imagine putting a toothpick through the two holes. When the ping-pong ball is spun around the toothpick, it will wobble instead of staying steady. The wobble is precession. For our planet, it takes 25,920 years to complete one precessive cycle (or wobble). The Mayans called this cycle One Great Year. Each "month" in that Great Year, which is determined with the equation 25920/12, equals 2160. So, it takes 2160 earth years to complete one month of Earth's precession cycle. Each of these 2160-year "months" represents an astrological age. As you may know, we have recently entered the Age of Aquarius, which means we are just beginning one of these 2160 year cycles.

Also, guess what the diameter of our moon is. 2160 miles.

Remember 432/2 = 216.

The sun is 864,000 miles in diameter, and 432 X 2 = 864.

There are also 86400 seconds in a day: 43200 for 12 hours of day; 43200 for 12 hours of night.

Here's something else: 432 X 432 = 186,624 (within .01% of speed of light). 432 is the only whole number that does this!

So, why do we measure time (and other things) in increments of 12 and 60 (which are the numbers that reveal the relationships I just outlined)? These numbers also appear over and over again in our culture. There are 12 zodiac signs, months in the year, hours in a day, eggs in a dozen, inches in a foot, disciples of Jesus, etc. There are 60 minutes in an hour, seconds in a minute. Earth measurements are made in miles, minutes, and increments of 360 degrees. Where did our foundation for these number systems come from?

The ancient Sumerians claimed they were given this system of counting by "Sky God visitors" that have come to be known as The Annunaki. These number relationships don't stop here either. We continue to see relationships like the ones I have discussed already when cryptophonics is applied to the numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio is 1.61. 1.612 is 2592 (the same number sequence as the Mayan Great Year, and the precession of the equinox).

When the Fibonacci sequence is applied to vibration cycles, the first six digits will always represent a numerically perfect major chord, implying that harmony, in the most literal way possible, is what anchors every Fibonacci series. Eric Rankin, Sonic Geometry

Now let's go back to the flower of life. This is one of my favorite parts about all this!

Up until recently, the tetrahedron or four-sided pyramid was considered the smallest geometric solid. Today, it is the formation called the trion re. The trion re is composed of three sixty-degree arcs... the same arcs that comprise all the segments in the flower of life formation. These three arcs come together into two points to create the smallest geometric solid. It's a pod shape. Imagine the form below in three dimensions.

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Imagine 12 of these trion res arranged so they radiate out from one point. Now imagine 12 more trion res connected to the outermost points of the first 12. In this arrangement, 4 perfect orbits around a central nucleus are revealed, like the structure of an atom.

Incidentally, if we replace the arcs with straight lines in this formation the result is the most elemental, perfectly balanced geometric solid, a structure named the VECTOR EQUILIBRIUM by Buckminster Fuller. It's the only geometric form where ALL FORCES ARE EQUAL AND BALANCED. The vector equilibrium has been described as the BLUEPRINT USED BY NATURE TO CONVERT ENERGY INTO MATTER.

It makes me a little giddy to read that. How about you?

Returning to the original structure, there are 36 arcs, each 60 degrees. The sum total of these arcs is 2160. Remember this is the number of earth years it takes to complete 1 month (or 1/12 of Earth's precessional cycle), an astrological age. This construct has been described the GENESIS STRUCTURE because it gives birth to the tube torus, a donut-shaped zero-point energy structure believed by many to be the driving force of creation.


How awesome is it that this 12/60 based counting system the Sumerians claimed was given to them by "Sky Gods" has seemingly led us to one of the fundamental mysteries of the cosmos!

Does all this make you wonder why the decision was made to officially change the tuning standard from A432 to A440? Why has the music we listen to been removed from the frequencies that resonate with healing and harmony within the human body and the energy patterns of creation?

I have to wonder what new and exciting things we might discover if we reinstated the former standard. It seems there are certainly many exciting mysteries to be explored in the realm of frequency and vibration. I, for one will continue to learn more about this compelling topic!

And why am I so intrigued by all this stuff about energy, frequency and vibration? In a way, it’s like translating the language of creation. Everything is vibration, and when we transpose one form of vibration into another form, we come to understand this universal language a little better. It's like we're getting to know our Creator better... whatever that is! The ancient texts say the world was spoken into existence, but with what language, and what frequencies? When we speak, it produces waves of sound. What awesome waves of all kinds of frequencies must be set in motion when the Creator of the universe speaks!


Stay tuned for more articles on this subject. There is soooo much more!


1. Rankin, Eric, Sonic Geometry

Photo Credits: Couleur, LoggaWiggler, and My Pictures Are CCO on Pixabay