Article: The Top 4 Questions to Ask Yourself During This Time of the Great Awakening

As Above, So Below


By: Natalie Viglione, CLC, CPC, CBC

Creator & Host of the Disrupt Now Program & Holistic Health Pathway

A new dawn and new age is approaching. How will you choose to continue to move through this time and beyond?

It doesn't matter what was or what will be, what matters it the right now because that is what directs you towards the timeline you would like to manifest.

2020 offered this entire world a HUGE wake up call, and what's to come is even more incredible so strap yourself in for a ride, ladies and gents!

We've all been offered the chance to take a hard look in that mirror and at the life we've created and were offered the ability to see it in an all-new light that hasn't been possible before. This is due to major cosmic happenings, and whatever happens in the cosmos happens in our 3D reality and inside of our souls/bodies.

If you're an open mind and open heart, like me, then you also saw truth and realizations that started smacking you in the face starting on January 1st of 2020. It -- 'it' meaning this energetic, cosmic force-- didn't take its sweet time trying to softly caress me awake, nor did it for anyone else. It hit us like a freight train going top-speed and we weren't really warned about what it would EXACTLY entail. There were plenty of psychic and intuitive people that warned in 2019 that there is something BIG happening and 2020 will be the start of it, but not one source that I have found (yet) actually knew how it would all play out.

This is the love note from the Universe for this year to Earthlings:


Hello Human,

HA - in yo face-- time to WAKE UP!

In Love & Light,

~ The Universe

😋 😇

I was taken aback a bit by what transpired in my personal life on Jan. 1, 2020. It's like a couple big things that had lingered there and seemed to be only a little tear in the fabric of my being, they got ripped open and started gushing Truth. And, this didn't stop until I faced it hardcore in mid-February 2020. It was a fork in the road kind of moment of Truth for me in a few different areas.

I looked back on learnings and on a podcast episode I did in latter January and realized that the cosmic happenings were being reflected BIG TIME here on Earth, and in each of our personal lives. I didn't realize the profound affect it had on me, but I think in my heart I knew it was coming, or at least I knew that something was coming. I had learned about these intense cosmic forces via an amazing calendar that integrates astrological guidance with writing and art from the most wonderful guide called We'Moon, Gaia Rhythms for Womyn (link here). It's lovely if you haven't stumbled across this yet.

2020 is the time of a bridge - a bridge that has genesis energy - meaning powerful CREATION energy. So we each have this opportunity to use powerful alchemy! Here's what was said about the kickoff to the 2020 year in We'Moon:

"Saturn's archetype wields the sickle of time, a binding force for setting limits. With commitment to purpose, and the cultivation of wisdom, Saturn maintains the precedents for abiding in the finite world. It tests our moral compass, and reforms our social responsibilities.

Pluto, known in myth as the overlord of the underworld, symbolizes the dilemmas of dualism and life's reversals. As a catalyst for turning points of change, Pluto evolves us, into the soul of the collective and the infinite.


2020 begins with a jolt from pressures of the times when Saturn and Pluto conjoin... It will be a wake up call that echoes throughout the year and beyond. Listen up. Three times each century these planets align with symbolic synergy as we reset our collective agenda."

- Written in 2019, We'Moon

That shook me to the core. As we all know, this year threw us into sobering realities exposing lies and deceit, and uncovering Truth. Many things/beings/humans have hidden the Truth from us and it has been this way for thousands of years before 2020. This year it is being shown to us because in the darkness is where light can be found.

Each century it should be noted that there are 3 huge points of inflection each matching when Pluto and Saturn conjoin. This year, these two planets conjoined in the sign of Capricorn, which has been about exposing ethical abuses by authoritarians in power (and this is not talking about those in the "front lines" as much as it is exposing the true "puppet masters," pushing of economic insecurities, and moral outrage.

This information was laid out previous to 2020 for all of us to see, but I don't think any of us could have predicted all that has come to light.

This is a time where the following assessments and actions are to be made (especially as we roll into the intensely powerful December 21st, 2020 Winter Solstice and beyond).

Here are the top 4 questions to ask yourself right now and actions to create right now:

  • Assess how you deal with certain things and what triggers you. Recognize the patterns and start dealing with how you heal around your triggers. These are traumas that must be dealt with and healed within you before anything can be changed externally. 
  • Look in that mirror and ask yourself "What am I lying to myself about?" Whatever you lie to yourself about and whatever you're lying to others about has been or is being exposed BIG TIME. Now is the time to accept those truths about things and start dealing with them. Take action on these things because you can't wait for another time, the time is now. The Universe requires authenticity.
  • Who is your life wrapped around and where do you live? The energies of people you surround yourself with must match where you desire your life to go. And the energy of the AREA you live (location on this Earth) must also match this desired energetic frequency that you seek. Take an honest look and if you realize there are things you MUST LET GO OF... see them, grieve and feel the emotions attached, move through, and then in time, let go. 
  • Are you treating your mind and body with respect? Do you get exercise? Do you get sunshine? Do you go out into nature? Do you GROUND those feet in the Earth? Do you eat great nutrition for YOUR BODY at least 80-90% of the time with 10-20% "fun" stuff? 

Focusing on these questions and actions will set you up for what's to come... there is SO MUCH more truth to be exposed and so much more of this Great Awakening to come. The thing we each must do is INVEST IN OURSELVES! By doing the personal development work we allow ourselves to evolve further and to be a huge part in creating an Earth that will be more beautiful, magical, and amazing then humans have seen on this planet for eons! NOW IS THE TIME!

Grab that journal and take notes on what you receive on the above questions and which actions you're taking for each of these. This will help you become much more grounded in Truth and ready for anything. It might even start connecting you to people and communities you only dreamt of connecting to. The truth is... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE (right now and beyond)!

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