Article: 5 Simple Ways to Cultivate Balance, Harmony and Inner Peace in 2021

By Adriane Laws

Most of us have experienced some level of anxiety this past year with all the uncertainty in the air. And now, with the new year ahead of us, it's a great idea to start thinking about some ways we can begin to heal and recover... to create a new way of being that is grounded in awareness and conscious creation. There are a few ways we can do this that don't involve any special tools or skills. Just a willingness to focus our attention on how we are bringing ourselves to the world. Let's discuss some simple ways we can use our minds and bodies to cultivate healing and calm the waves of uncertainty as we move forward and build a new normal together.


It's simple, right? Breathing. We're all doing it. All the time. And sometimes we forget the impact our breathing patterns have on our experience. When we experience anxiety, breathing becomes shallow. This limits the amount of oxygen we are taking in. It also sends a message to the body that we are in a threatening environment.

One simple way to take control of the fight or flight response that anxiety can provoke is to pay attention to your breathing. Taking deep breaths informs the body that we are safe. And when the body feels safe, the brain functions more optimally.

So, if you find yourself getting lost in negative thoughts and feelings, take a moment to breathe a few deep breaths. Consciously follow the air as it enters and exits your lungs. You may even want to think of a healing mantra to say internally as you breathe. I have found that when I do yoga in the morning, I have these amazingly satisfying moments throughout the day where I get a perfect breath. It's like the practice of yoga resets that mechanism, and the body continues to rediscover it throughout the day.


I always feel like Jewish mother when I remind the people to drink their water. It's one of the simplest ways to keep things running smoothly in the system. Did you know that people who drink a glass of water as soon as they wake up and right before they go to bed have a reduced risk of stroke? I've been doing this for several years after reading a study about it.

However it makes sense for you to get your eight glasses of water per day, do that. Sometimes I fill my water bottle up and just make sure I drink all the water over the course of the day. Other times I just try to drink a full glass of water every hour. The body needs about an hour to process an eight ounce glass of water. If you drink more than that, it's overkill. But drinking those eight glasses of water a day allows your body and brain to function better. It also keeps your skin hydrated which has the added benefit of making you look younger. That's motivation enough for some of us!


There are several ways you can ground yourself. One is to literally place your bare feet directly on the earth. This gives your body a chance to harmonize with the natural vibrational frequency of our planet. There have been studies done about grounding and how it reduces pain as well as anxiety and depression.

It makes sense! After all, we are an integral part of the system of nature. Too often, we humans tend to remove ourselves from this system in our thoughts and behavior. But it doesn't change the fact that we are still being affected by it, even if we aren't consciously aware of this. All the rhythms of nature, from the chirping of crickets and birds to the flow of the tides fall within certain frequency ranges. This includes the natural rhythms of our bodies. That means, our minds and bodies are more likely to find inner harmony when we are immersed in the frequencies of nature.

It's a great practice to spend some time in nature every day. Even if you don't take off your shoes when you are in nature, you are surrounded by its healing sounds, rhythms and vibrations. That effects your body on a cellular level and helps to bring a calm, healing energy into your nervous system... another way of balancing the anxiety that seems to be swirling around us all these days.


If you haven't been practicing conscious gratitude, now is a great time to start. There is so much to be worried about these days, yes, if you focus on that. But there is also so much to be grateful for. No matter your situation, there is always something you can find to appreciate. Gratitude is similar to those natural frequencies mentioned above. Being thankful helps us to harmonize with the healing energies of the natural world. It brings our bodies and minds into a state of calm.

A few years ago, I made GRATITUDE ROCKS out of clay and gave them out to my friends and family. The idea was for them to carry the rock with them, or put it somewhere they could see it every day. Each time they saw or felt it in their pocket, they would think of something they were grateful for. It's a nice way to shift your energy when you're feeling stressed or negative. It's also a perfect way to pull more of the things you appreciate into your life based on the LAW Of ATTRACTION, which states that, whatever you are feeling and thinking about is what you are attracting to you. Let's face it, our world needs as much positive energy as it can get these days! We are all connected on the quantum level, so when you practice gratitude, you actually send healing waves out into the quantum field. Our thoughts and feelings influence everything and every one around us, not just us!


If you haven't heard about the work of The Heart-Math Institute, I encourage you to look into it. They have made some fascinating discoveries about how the heart operates and influences our experience. Did you know the heart generates its own electromagnetic field? According to research done by Rollin McCraty at the Heart-Math Institute, this field is about 60 times more powerful than the electromagnetic field produced by the brain!1 This field actually influences the people we interact with. So, when you are in a calm space of acceptance and love, the electromagnetic heart fields of people around you actually become more calm.

This is one of the most exciting things to me! It's a powerful testament to our interconnectedness. And it means that, when we take the time and effort to calm ourselves internally and operate from a heart-centered awareness, we can have a positive effect on everyone else around us. Imagine if everyone were focused on doing just that at all times. We really do have SO MUCH more power than we even realize!

These are just a few ways to take charge not only of your own consciousness, but to have a positive influence on the whole. So, while the events of the past year have thrown us a curve ball or two, they have actually helped set the stage for us to seriously explore the things about our world that cannot be quantified... the connections between us. How wonderful is it that, because we are part of the same energetic field, we have the opportunity to bring healing to everyone around us when we focus on our own inner healing. It truly is the beginning of a new earth.

Let's move forward not with the aim to bring things BACK TO NORMAL, but with the intention to create a NEW NORMAL. Let's discover just how amazing our unseen world truly is!