Mindfulness Category with Steve Strother: The 4 Ways Men Can Find More Peace In Their Life and Why Self-Care Isn’t Just For Women

30-Minute Free Guidance Session from Steve Strother, the Founder of Finding Men’s Peace, Life Coaching for Men

This program is for you, men!

Have you been wondering how to find peace, or how to find inner peace?

Have you been searching for peace of mind, or exploring how to find peace within yourself, as well as finding happiness within?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

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Meet Steve & His Intro Program With Us!

On his journey to find peace in his own life, Steve Strother uncovered that there are many reasons why men need help finding better ways to take care of themselves. Steve found that, like him, most men have four major areas that they can tap into; physical, mental, emotional, and the social aspects of life.

He had to figure things out the hard way, but wants to make it easier for other men. He learned a few simple practices that can be done from a self-care perspective that can make a huge difference to improve relationships, careers, self-worth, and can assist to deepen the overall relationship a man has with himself. This led him to build the Finding Men’s Peace Life Coaching for Men practice. He knew he must not be the ONLY man that seeks to do better in life (for himself), to find more peace, and to let go of things that don’t make sense anymore. And, he was right!

Join Steve in this powerful session where he teaches the 4 pillars of his Peace of Mind Practice and how you can easily implement these practices into your daily life. In this guidance, he’ll share:

  • Why self-care is not a set of things that are just for women

  • What self-care practices actually brings more control in your life

  • How you can enhance your overall personal well-being

  • How you can rediscover aspects you often overlook within your physical, mental and emotional health

  • How to cut through overwhelm and bring a sense of ease to your life again

  • How you can regain a deeper feeling of connection to your loved ones and yourself

The 4 key self-care areas that will be discussed include:

  1. Physical (fitness, health, etc.)

  2. Social (friendships, relationships, etc.)

  3. Personal Interests (hobbies, etc.)

  4. Personal Habits (eating habits, sleep, etc.)

Don’t miss this session because now is the time to focus on bringing more peace into your life, more clarity, and a deepening of your relationship with yourself and to those closest to you.

About Steve Strother:

Steve Strother helps men learn, grow, and evolve in this world by helping them break through the myths as to what men are supposed to be like in this world. The goal is to help them connect to their true authentic selves. In the coaching that I provide, I help men navigate relationship challenges, career challenges, and help them understand the positive masculine aspects that they can bring into the world (getting rid of the concept of the “stereotypical masculine”). Steve helps men connect to the four key masculine constructs so they can learn to identify, process, and express their authentic emotions, rather than feeling like they have to bottle them up inside.

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Get to know Steve before the session in this full-length podcast episode (released to you before it goes public)!

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