Your Mind: How to Harness the Power of Your Mind



In this online masterclass we explore the following:

✔️ Learn science-based techniques to leverage the power of your mind.
✔️ Learn how some of the brightest minds (e.g.: Dr. Bruce Lipton)
understand how the brain works.
✔️ How the RAW power of your thoughts create your path.
✔️ How your actions and habits need to fully support your BELIEFS and aligning subconscious to conscious thoughts to build ANEW.
✔️ The strength of the mind can even physically change and affect our bodies.
...and MORE!

Warning! You May Be Sabotaging Reaching Your Full Potential if You Don't Know the TRUE POWER of Your Mind!

I have good news for you. This is a free masterclass where we'll take you through several layers of understanding what some of the best new science has proved and how to harness an innate (and ancient) technology of the mind. Think of this as your kickoff to further understanding!

We will show you why you don't need to go hunt for change but rather CREATE it, how the alignment between the mind and body can change the game, and how subconscious thoughts are imperative to gain awareness around, and more!

About Your Presenter:



Natalie Viglione has a 20-year, award-winning background in marketing, sales, and business development. She worked in executive sales and marketing roles in major cities like San Francisco and New York City working her way to Vice President status before 35, then decided to LEAP and created a freelance collective called Team Gu.

Team Gu offers mid to large companies support with the development of creative content (copywriting and ghostwriting services, graphic design, and video editing), builds purpose-driven business strategies, and helps improve marketing/sales operations through technology.

After a vivid dream, Natalie recently founded the Disrupt Now Program and Podcast: As a certified life, business, and professional coach, she guides people through self-discovery education and also helps support aspiring and newly turned entrepreneurs in Life + Business Coaching. She helps humans get clear to create a purpose-driven business and learn how to consciously create from within.

Natalie is often called the “scientist” due to her mad research skills, and the ability for her to bridge spirituality and science. This is imperative for our soul’s evolution.


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