Online Masterclass: Energy Is Everything

Online Masterclass: Energy Is Everything

Everything Is Energy! And....Energy Is Everything!

Energy is everywhere and your energy introduces you before you even speak; something we don’t often realize.

How do we recognize our own energy?

How do we use our personal energy to discover balance in our body, mind and our emotions?

How can our energy help us change the negative thought patterns?

Look no further, the answers you seek are just a groovy trip inward - connecting, understanding and moving your energy.
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To discover your personal Peace, and it's different for everyone, journey with Amy Gonzelez-Nelsen as she combines the powerful tools speaking on her concept of 4 P's to Peace, intuitive healing, grounding work, and a soul stirring rhythmic journey introducing the practice of NIA, closing the event out with meditation. (Note that NIA is as GLOBAL activity so you can find classes anywhere).
In this session, you will learn:
*tools to tap into your personal energy;
*that your thoughts lead to choice which in turn choice leads to action. Taking action to intuitively listen to your body’s energy cues;
*that movement, mindfulness and meditation help de-stress, strengthen, repair and rebuild your body, awakening your senses;
*and how the practice of grounding your energy assists in the balance of your life - body, mind and soul.
Amy Nelsen, Founder of Bravery Brigade
Amy is a vibrant, heart-centered speaker whose magnetic energy makes her a must-see. She effortlessly blends the healing components of movement, sound, energy healing, and practical life skills to offer a tangible approach to finding the balance we all seek in the four pillars of our lives: the mental, the emotional, the physical, and the spiritual. Amy is trained in the holistic arts of reiki, intuitive healing, and is a certified instructor in a holistic fitness practice called NIA. Her other talents include motivational speaking and Energetic (or Soul) Polishing.
Her passion for community and global unity sparked the movement she calls the Bravery Brigade. Her goal is to use her skills to bring women together; allowing them to step into their authentic truth as they find balance.
Amy believes all it takes is one act of bravery to be free of scripted realities, enabling you to find peace. Amy draws from her more than 25 years of production and event management experience, and fuses this background with healing and life management tools as she acts as your compassionate guide.
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