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    For teachers & guides in the personal development/health & wellness space

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    and why it was created.

    Summary of what this is:


    • A Collective is a group and meant to be a collaboration, and you're a teacher & guide in the personal development or health & wellness space. 
    • We share your "introduction selling piece of content" whether that's in a longer video format like a masterclass, or a workshop style, or a short video session - whatever it might be as there are a ton of creative content formats. (We share and can promote beyond a first class on the platform if you become a Collective member with us, more on that below). 
    • We promote you to people across the globe seeking wisdom in personal development (aka "self-help" space) and/or health & wellness space. 
    • Our goal is to help you get potential leads for your business, and to build a harmonious relationship with you, hopefully, long-term! 
    • How do we make our money? It's not from selling courses, but more so this platform makes monies from general memberships and the Collective Memberships (as any membership platform does).


    Download our Collective & Platform Guidebook here to get more details on how this works,
    read more below, or go join now!

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    If you say YES to the following, you are in the right place:
    • Have a unique, profound message to share with humanity? 
    • Already have a program, class, etc. in a digital format to share? 
    • Do you know that collaborations to help you get your message OUT THERE is important?
    • Understand how important lead generation is? 
    • Have a desire to get your message out to the people seeking change in their lives?
    • Is seeking like-minded teachers and guides to connect with?
    Who is a great fit for our Collective?

    Experts surrounding the personal growth, health, and well-being space, so this is for you if you're a healer, meditation teacher, life guide (aka coach), business guide (aka coach) that teaches in a transformational way focused on the WHOLE person, and more!
    We want to help you get in front of other humans that may be seeking what YOU have to offer.
    The Smart Start Series provides humans access to affordable transformational education focused on the transformation of the mind, body, and soul.

    How It Works

    We can do a one-time free online course, masterclass, or whatever is best for you with your upsell and special offer.


    We will schedule it into a month to record and then we push it out to our audience and promote it via social, email, etc.


    This goes to our lists and to our regular Smart Start Series members (the community of our non-teachers/guides), and you get a profile in our membership site that stays there until you don't want it to.

    However, as an annual subscribing Collective Member (an annual fee per year) we can do more! 


    Your profile is updated any time, we can add on more online classes with you ongoing throughout your Collective membership, and then promote something great you've got going on one time per quarter through our channels.


    And, correct, you can put your book out, we can ask for reviews, or really share any message per quarter that you desire to share your vibrant soul-message!

    Purpose of the Collective


    The Smart Start Series Teacher and Guide Collective partners with humans who have unique and profound messages and can provide educational programs, masterclasses, etc. (ONLINE) that better humanity.
    We want to help you. You are the healers and other life transformational teachers and guides that we seek to partner with, and this is a platform that can help you find new followers, subscribers, and, hopefully, leads you to new customers!
    We know how essential growing your business is and we know that marketing and sales are not most people's forte, but it is ours. Our creator, Natalie Viglione, operates Team Gu which helps fuel this platform! Creative content, operations, and driving purpose forward.
    We also know that other platforms have strict requirements (e.g. you must have no less than 200,000 subscribers to just your email list alone for some of the well-known entities out there).
    While that's all well and good, one has to GET THERE first!
    By becoming a partner with the Smart Start Series, and others like us, these are ways to help empower your purpose!
    This is also a way to connect to those seeking change that perhaps you would never get exposed to, and provides you another platform to share your story, message, and offer (e.g.: an ongoing discount for your service to the growth-seeking general members of Smart Start Series).

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    Benefits of joining:

    • Your online class and brand promoted via our email database (international growth), ads, and social media
    • Your message/brand promoted with an exclusive offer for our audience once per quarter for as long as you are a Collective Member (make the offer discounted for our members and to be good for the long-term
    • Copywriting/creative help for your class promotion from Natalie Viglione and her consulting company Team Gu (teamgu.com)
    • Instagram ad run for your class or promotion at the time of initial web class and session as well as ongoing for each quarter for as long as your a Collective Member
    • If you get good reviews from the members consistently, we would love to have you teach/guide your approach around different topics throughout your membership (so we love to have great people back in the featured seat)!
    • Ongoing support from our team for the above (and for our members) - we aim for EXCELLENT customer service and marketing feedback loops to you as a Collective Member!

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    Monthly Subscription

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    Annual Plan


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    Save $60 per year by doing an annual plan versus monthly. Can cancel any time but you will have access for the full year and then the plan will cancel

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